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Way to FOTON


お車でお越しの際は、カーナビでの住所検索では違う場所を案内する場合がありますので、Googleマップで「Rokko Outdoor Station Foton」と検索して正確な場所をご確認ください。




Take the ferry ”BAY SHUTTLE" to KOBE AIRPORT. They have special price for who from overseas.



Take the PORTLINER to SANNOMIYA Station, transfer to the JR Kobe Line to ROKKO MICHI Station.

You can also take a JR line from KANSAI AIRPORT via JR OSAKA Station and get off at JR ROKKO MICHI Station.


From JR ROKKO MICHI station, transfer to Kobe City Bus No. 16 to ROKKO CABLE CAR STATION (last stop). Transfer to the Rokko Cable Car to ROKKO SANJYOU STATION. When you get off at ROKKO SANJYOU STATION (last stop), you will see a small bus terminal, step left and the sea on your left and behind, around 5min walk, you will see a signboard and car parking space on the left, then step in to small track in the forest and you will see the accommodation.


If you are coming by car, search for “Rokko Outdoor Station Foton” on Google Maps to see the exact location, as your car navigation system may lead you to a different location.

There is a signboard 350m northwest of the ROKKO CABLE SANJOU Station, and we have one parking in front of our entrance. If the parking lot is full, please use the free parking space between our entrance and the ROKKO CABLE SANJOU Station.

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